• Samantha Chan

    Chief Paintlounger

    I started with art, then moved onto engineering, then banking, but then returned to the arts when I realised it is my true passion.

    I believe that art is as much about the process as the end result. You don’t have to be an “artist” to make art – it’s all about unleashing the creativity that hides behind your day-to-day job. I created Paintlounge because I wanted to make an accessible, all-inclusive space for everyone to exercise their creativity and be an artist for a few hours. Don't worry, we've got your back!

  • Norris Wong

    Business Development Manager

    Anyone can be creative, and we're all gifted to be creative in different ways. I love building things, fixing things, and using my creativity to make things better! Chances are, if I'm not at work, you'll see me working with tools on my car or something around the house. In the same way, I use these skills and apply it to improve Paintlounge!

    Besides building and fixing things, you can also find me spending time on the slopes either mountain biking in the summer or snowboarding in the winter, or occasionally, filming a wedding.

  • Kevin Chow

    Operations Manager

    I have been fascinated by the arts as far back as I can remember, no matter the medium. Having earned a background in graphic design, I have since expanded my passion as a digital creative focused in design, photography and cinematography.

    Being a part of the Paintlounge family, I hope to be able to share my love of art with others and help them to discovery their creative side while growing with the company. I also look forward to meeting everyone that comes in and witnessing or even being a part of their journey in the amazing world that is art.

  • Kayla Brown

    Toronto West Manager

    I first heard about Paintlounge in 2012 when a family member suggested that some of us should visit the Markham location and create peacock paintings for my niece's nursery. I have always loved to paint but had been away from it for a while. After our session, I was inspired to start painting again!

    Working at Paintlounge is a new experience every day. I love inspiring as well as being inspired by our customers. My job allows me to use my artistic skills to help others find the artist hidden inside each of them which is truly rewarding.

  • Alyssa Lee

    Toronto East Manager

    I’m a Sheridan College Alumni, graduating from Visual Merchandising but consider myself a “Jill of all art trades”. I’ve always had a deep love for creating since I was little and I love everything from paper crafting to sculpting to (of course) painting! My work is all about fun colors and geeky whimsy, what can I say, I have a bit of Peter Pan syndrome.

    I love coming into Paintlounge everyday and seeing blank canvases evolve into something customers weren’t expecting. Working at Paintlounge has also sparked a love for teaching in me. When you come in don’t be shy, I’m always happy to show you a nifty new tip or technique!

  • Ryan Williams

    Markham Manager

    My passion for art has been, for the most part, a life long affair. Having a background in animation has given me a strong skill base to help customers enjoy their experience at Paintlounge.

    I started with Paintlounge since the first location opened on day one and I'm excited to grow with the company as Paintlounge continues to expand. I look forward to talking art (and baseball and volleyball, if you like that too!) when you come visit me at Paintlounge Markham.