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We are offering contactless pickup. Place your order by 5:00pm on Tuesday of each week, and curb-side pickup will be available every Wednesday afternoons between 1:00-3:00pm at our Markham and Toronto West studio. To place your order email:

Paint Colours – 1 oz containers
Left to Right:
Top Row: Cool Yellow
Middle Row: Cool Blue, Warm Yellow, Warm Red
Bottom Row: Warm Blue, Neon Blue, Neon Pink, Cool Red

$0.50 + hst per container

Large Paint Brush
Used for covering larger areas

$3.50/ea + hst ***$3.00/ea when purchase 4+

White Stretched Canvas
Bottom to Top:
Mini 12″x12″, Solo 16″x20″, Mid 18″x24″
Full 24″x30″, Long 24″x36″

Mini = $4.50/ea ***$4.25/ea when purchase 4+
Solo = $6.50/ea ***$6.25/ea when purchase 4+
Mid = $7.00/ea ***$6.75/ea when purchase 4+
Full = $14.25/ea ***$14.00 when purchase 4+
Long = $14.75/ea ***$14.50/ea when purchase 4+

Note: 5″x7″ canvas boards are also available
$1.50/ea ***$1.25/ea when purchase 4+

Paint Colours – 1 oz containers
Left to Right:
Top Row: Black, White
Bottom Row: Burnt Sienna, Red Oxide, Raw Sienna

$0.50 + hst per container

Palette Knife
Painting tool used for mixing colours, and creating textures

$1.50/ea ***$1.00/ea when purchase 4+

5pc Brush Set – Flat 
Left to Right:
Size 2pt, Size 4pt, Size 6pt, Size 8pt, Size 10pt

$2.50 each set

Canvas Pad – 10 sheets
12″ x 16″

$16.99 each



Please Note: Payment to be completed and received by etransfer or credit card, prior to pick-up.
Details will be provided with email correspondence. Thank you!