School Field Trips Start at $20 Per Student!



Plan a school field trip for your class, and our artist staff will guide your students to explore their artistic sides! We have the space, art skills, materials, plus set-up and clean-up for your class.

We believe in fostering creativity in our next generation, so we prequalify all school trips for our non-profit rates, which is priced at $20 per student (with a minimum of 4 students or more).
“Through arts education, all students can learn how to be articulate and communicate, but also to persist and be resilient” – Annie Kidder, director of People for Education

Our non-profit packages are 1.5 hours long in the freestyle format, allowing students to get creative in a safe and supportive environment. We have books of ideas on site, so students can choose a piece to paint that resonates with them. Then, we’ll show them our paint station and the basics on how to get started. Our staff will be going around to ensure each student is on track and provide art tips and advice, whenever it is needed.

There’s two options to choose from: Students can either opt to each have their own 12×12″ canvas or they can learn to work in pairs on larger 18×24″ collaborative canvases.

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