Take-Home Kit: Getting Started

We’re excited to walk you through your social painting experience, wherever you are!

Painting Ideas

Here are some ideas to help you get started! If you painting with a friend, brainstorm some fun and crazy ideas. Sometimes, the best results come from the craziest ideas!

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Sketching Your Art Out

Once you pick a painting, let’s paint!

Depending on what you paint, it’s a good idea to map out the big parts of your painting. If you’re painting an object, for example, an ice-cream cone, we’ll take a pencil to sketch it out first. Break your image into basic shapes, so an ice-cream done is basically a triangle, and circles for the ice-cream.

When we paint with acrylics, we want to paint in layers. This means, we can overlap paint to create more details. So, don’t worry about sketching details at this point because we’re just painting the first layer.


Colour Mixing Basics


Painting Tips

After you’ve sketched out your design, we can start mixing paints! We suggest painting whatever is in the background first, then make your way to the foreground. If you want the colours to blend, don’t let the paints dry! If you want different blocks of colour, make sure one colour is dry before you paint another in.

Whenever you want to change up colours, add the new colour little by little. Remember, you can always add more colour but there’s no ‘Undo’ button. Try to keep your paintbrush clean, so if your brush gets a bit mucky, rinse it out and then mix your colours.

After you paint your base layer, you can take your pencil to sketch out more detail, then continue painting the details in.


Sharing Your Art

Once you’re done with your masterpiece, we’d love to see your masterpiece! Feel free to share it with us by hashtagging #paintlounge and #paintloungekit on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Happy Painting!