Paint your Intention for 2020!

Jan 2020
Happy New Year Paintloungers!🥂 The New Year is always a great time to take inventory of where you are, and use it as the reference point to start your steps towards your new beginnings!!
This month of January, our theme at Paintlounge is “Living a Life of Purpose & Intention”.

Now that the New Year and Decade has officially begun we tend to write down our goals, start new habits and want to create an ‘extraordinary new life’ overnight. While creating your own own is absolutely possible, it is not an instant transformation. It all starts with a DECISION and INTENTION about the new steps and habits that you want to start creating; and aligning with their PURPOSE.

Exclusive at our Markham studio, we’ve collaborated with Cherisse Doobay from “Spear it Group”. Cherisse is a Psychotherapist, Certified Life Coach, and a passionate advocator of mental health. She has put together an inspiring event for us to get this process going and guide you on how to Paint Your Intention for 2020, onto a canvas!

Our “Paint Your Intention” Workshop is a Private Event.  

Format at follows:

  • 30 mins information session. This talk will be about how to discover your purpose and setting intentions to live by, on a daily basis; all to promote a healthier and more satisfying life.  The talk also includes strategies around de-cluttering your mind & simplifying life, and how powerful that is.
  • 2.5 hrs Freestyle session: Paintloungers are encouraged to paint based on the theme topic discussed. Canvas size provided is a mini (12″x12″).  All tools and paints are included, along with our complimentary cafe bar!
  • Private Event: Our studio will be open only to those that have registered for this workshop.  Therefore, Pre-registration is required.
  • Open to Ages 16+
Price per Person: $49.00 + HST.  
If you want to upgrade to a bigger canvas, you can upgrade upon arrival. Please note that promos, prepaid workshop vouchers, and coupons cannot be used with this event.  Details and pricing subject to change.

Paint Your Intention (Markham)

Level: Easy

Date: Thursday, January 30, 2020

Time: 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Location: Markham - 118 Main St N

Price: C$49.00

Available Spaces: 35