• Espressions: Social Painting, Live Music, and Coffee

    Oct 2017
    - 7:15pm -

    Join us at Espressions as you paint to live music featuring awesome local musicians!

    We encourage you to mix and mingle with other art lovers as you paint and get inspired by the creative and casual atmosphere. view details

  • Go Abstract Technique Workshop

    Oct 2017
    - 7:30pm -

    Is abstract art easy? Or does it seem a bit confusing? We’re here to clear things up and help with creating your own abstract piece. All we need is your open mind and imagination!

    In our Go Abstract technique workshop, we’ll be showing you various techniques, so you can create your own abstract painting based on the techniques we show you. view details

  • It’s a Halloween Paint Party!

    Oct 2017
    - 7:30pm -

    Paint, drink, and have a spooky great time at our Halloween Paint Party (age 19+) on Oct 27 & 28!

    Get ready to art-jam to hallowing jazz and dark romantic beats, while you enjoy a wine or beer from our bar. Add bloody paint drips or splatters to your canvas, or simply freestyle on your 12×12″ blank canvas and go with the flow! view details

  • Pop Art Technique Workshop

    Nov 2017
    - 4pm -


    Celebrate pop art as we explore the fun, youthful, and colourful aspects of everyday imagery!

    At our Pop Art technique workshop, discover your inner Lichtenstein through the use of Benday dots. Then, you’ll get to create your own pop art painting by creating new colours and effects through optical illusion.
    view details

  • A Paintlounge Paint Party!

    Nov 2017
    - 7:30pm -

    Get your creative juices flowing at the Paintlounge Paint Party!

    Enjoy awesome music, good company, splash paint on a canvas, or paint a relaxing piece. Go freestyle on a 12×12″ canvas while you enjoy a beer or wine from our bar. view details

  • It’s Our Holiday Paint Party!

    Dec 2017
    - 7:15pm -

    holiday-partyJoin us for a festive evening of social painting as you art jam with live music featuring local talents at Paintlounge Toronto East! view details