Family Painting Workshops

birds on a linekandinsky circlesdrip arttape arttree of lifetree of life

24×30″ collaborative canvas $50 | 24×36″ collaborative canvas $60 *

Paint collaboratively on a big canvas and add new artwork to your home. We have ideas that are simple enough so that every family member can take part.

*Each session is approximately 2 hours, suitable for families with children ages 4 – 12.  Max 5 members per family, additional members over 5 members are charged at $10 per member.

Please note that promos and coupons cannot be used with family workshops.

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Birds on a Line

Let your children can pick a rainbow of colours for the background then sketch a family of birds to finish it off. We suggest one bird to represent each person in their family!

Kandinsky Circles

Learn about colours, shapes, and take home your own version of the famous Kandinsky painting that’s made by our own family!

Drip Art

Create beautiful bouquets of flowers on canvas and allow gravity to pull the paint down to create beautiful drips of art!

Tape Painting

Allow your children to learn the concept of masking parts off so paint won’t get through. Plus, the final reveal is always a pleasant, beautiful surprise!

Tree of Life

Design you own family tree using bright colours and geometric circles. The children will get to customize their own colours so that you can proudly display your own family “Tree of Life”!

Field of Dandelions

Create your own abstract background by mixing colours to create a beautiful gradient. After that, your family will have fun designing dandelions on the canvas using different tools, such as palette knives and dowels.