Preloved Challenge: Give Old Art Love & New Life

May 2017

The Preloved Challenge

Give an old canvas new life at our Preloved Challenge on May 28th (1-4pm or 4-7pm). Preloved freestyle sessions will be 50% off the price of new freestyle sessions at the event!

We’ve re-primed and renewed some of our existing canvases so that they can be painted again. What are the benefits of painting on a preloved canvas?

  • Interesting textures that are hard to create with a new canvas
  • Creative painting ideas flow from its existing touch and feel
  • Environmental benefits by saving natural resources and creating less waste
  • Giving an existing canvas your love

Reserve for Toronto West
Reserve for Toronto East
Reserve for Markham

Preloved Pricing on May 28:

  • Mini 12×12″ $12.50
  • Solo 16×20″ $15
  • Mid 18×24″ $20
  • Full 24×30″ $22.50
  • Long 24×36″ $27.50

Note: Preloved canvases are available on a first-come-first-served basis, while supplies last. Taxes extra.